Monday, September 30, 2013

Marie Edith Wells -- The Forgotten Face

Wells, a former musical star on the New York stage who often appeared in Flo Ziegfeld productions, entered silent films in 1915 after a throat condition forced her to give up singing.  In her first film, The Builder of Bridges (Frohman Amusement Corporation, 1915) she starred opposite British actor C. Aubrey Smith, also making his film debut.  Wells co-starred in several silent films (The Conquest of Canaan, 1916; The Love Brand, 1923), but when talkies arrived she was relegated to an occasional uncredited extra role (Love Me Forever, 1935; Forgotten Faces, 1936; Fatal Lady, 1936).  In Hollywood on July 3, 1949, the faded silent movie queen was found dead in her room at 1114 Coronado Terrace, the victim of a lethal dose of sleeping pills.  Her suicide note read:  "Dear Eloise and Billy, forgive me please but my health is so bad and I just can't go on.  I love you.  Lots of happiness and good health.  God bless you all.  Aunt Re."  Wells was 55.

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