Friday, February 14, 2014

Charlotte Vidot -- Fiddle Dee Dead

Photo:  J. Willis Sayre
The actress-wife of comedian Clarence C. Kolb (star with Max Dill of the vaudeville show A Peck o' Pickles) inexplicably swallowed a glass of cyanide of potassium in her room at the St. Dominic Apartments, 980 Bush Street, in San Francisco, California, on March 5, 1915.  While Vidot, 37, had been under a doctor's care for nervousness and depression, she never intimated that she was suicidal.  Kolb, who cut short his performance at L.A.'s Morosco Theatre, maintained that she had inadvertently taken a fatal dose of the sedative to make her sleep.  The pair married in 1902 while playing together in the Fiddle Dee Dee company.

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