Thursday, May 15, 2014

Natel King -- "Blood Does Flow..." (Part I)

A native of Newfoundland, the statuesque, busty platinum-blonde saw the adult entertainment industry as a means by which to make a lot of money in a hurry.  King's life plan was to use her earnings to finance a psychology degree at Newfoundland's Memorial University, leave the business, then marry and have children all by the age of thirty. At 18, she was living in her parents' home in Mississauga, Ontario, when she originated a softcore internet webcast from her bedroom featuring herself in various naked poses.  Under the name "Taylor Summers" (some sources say "Sumers"), the "Sexy Canadian," began advertising herself as a nude model on the internet ultimately earning as much as $1,000 a day on photo and video shoots.  Her one rule -- no sex with men.  In July 2003, the 23-year-old model shot a movie in New York entitled Naughty College Couples 6 in which she was featured in a solo masturbation scene.  King, as "Sumers," also appeared in some bondage and foot fetish videos and did some magazine work.  Against the advice of both her "straight" friends and associates in the adult industry, she insisted on booking her own gigs rather than working through a modeling agency that could offer her a degree of safety by running background and reference checks on photographers.  King reasoned that during the time it took a talent agency to determine if a photographer or company was legit, she could be earning a grand a day without having to pay a commission.  Schedule permitting, Curtis Shear, King's roommate in Mississauga, often chaperoned his friend on photo shoots.  However, he was unavailable to do so in late February 2004 when King agreed to meet photographer Anthony Joseph Frederick, 46, in the Philadelphia suburb of Conshohocken, Pennsylvania.

King and Frederick already had an uneasy history of sorts dating back to December 2003 when she answered a call for nude models posted on his website.  She traveled to Allentown, Pennsylvania, to meet with the photographer, but at the last minute Frederick called the hotel where she was staying to say the location for the shoot had been changed to a remote cabin outside the city limits.  Alarmed, King phoned a friend in the adult industry who strongly advised her not to meet with the photographer.  King returned to Canada, and escaped the fate reportedly suffered by another of Frederick's photo subjects.  Sometime earlier, a young model who willingly posed for him in a bondage scene chained to a heater was refused payment.  The woman complained, and a police search of Frederick's studio uncovered fake blood, handcuffs, and shackles.  The photographer was not charged with any crime.

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