Friday, July 25, 2014

Gene R. Taylor -- Waiting on the Other Side

Educated at Oxford and known on radio for his courtly British vocal mannerisms,  Geneste ("Gene") Taylor, 56, hosted a nightly 8:00 to midnight "middle-class music" show on KIKI-Honolulu.  On September 24, 1957, the disc jockey, complaining of a cold, cut short his show and returned to his apartment at 2533-D Ala Wai Boulevard.  One day earlier, Taylor's 26-year-old wife had followed the advice of her attorney and checked into a luxury hotel on the island following a quarrel with her husband of less than five months.  Unable to reach him by phone, the woman returned to their apartment on September 25 to find Taylor dead from an overdose of sleeping pills slumped against the living room wall near a six foot rack containing hundreds of classical records.  Though police did not release the contents of the disc jockey's suicide note, Mrs. Taylor told The Honolulu Advertiser that it read:  "My own darling Jane:  You said you don't love me, so I'm going to set you free.  Please call my son.  I'll be waiting for you on the other side."

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