Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thurston Theodore Lewis -- Rubeville

One day after slashing both wrists in the bathroom of his home at 310 South Massey Street in Watertown, New York, the 56-year-old cornetist died at Mercy Hospital on April 17, 1941.  A musical prodigy, Lewis became a member of B. A. Rolfe's orchestra and in 1916 joined the Barnum & Bailey circus as assistant leader of the tent show's band.  For 15 seasons, until 1931, Lewis served as musical director and manager of C. B. Maddock's musical acts on the B. F. Keith vaudeville circuit.  While on the circuit, the musician scored a hit in the musical act, "Rubeville," later recreating his role on film in a Pathe Studios short.  Returning to his hometown of Watertown, New York, in 1931, Lewis became the director of both the high and junior high school bands.  According to his surviving wife, Lewis had long been ill with a liver ailment.

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