Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Adrienne LaChamp Keim -- The Suicide Scribe

Keim, a 33-year-old Hungarian actress-singer-dancer, was one of the century's most prolific writer of suicide notes.  On December 12, 1933, she leaped from a 15 floor window of the Hotel Lincoln in New York City, narrowly missing several pedestrians walking below on Forty-fourth Street.  One of the two notes pinned to her dress read:  "Please notify my mother, Mrs. A LaChamp in Shanghai, China.  Please it is my wish to be buried untouched.  I am sorry for the poor English."  In the other, addressed to police, Keim wrote:  "Please keep this out of the papers.  This is just another funeral.  Don't experiment on me and don't try to keep me alive."  Six sealed notes, four addressed to the director of the St. James Theatre and the others to friends, were found in her rooms.

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