Friday, August 29, 2014

Florence Fay -- "Hurry Here"

On July 11, 1928, the domestic discord brewing between the 35-year-old former show girl (real name Vollbracht), her estranged husband, Robert Vollbracht, and her so-called lover, Frank McCoy, ended in tragedy in New York City.  Weeks earlier, Fay's husband had instituted a divorce action after finding her in a room with McCoy.  Although Fay insisted that their relationship was purely "companionate," Vollbracht moved out of their apartment at the Century Hotel at 111 W. Forty-sixth Street.  On July 11, Florence Fay phoned a close friend to inform him that "I am going to end my life.  Hurry here.  When you arrive I will be dead."  A hurried call to the hotel manager proved too late.  Upon entering the ex-showgirl's room decorated with autographed photos of movie stars, he found Fay dead on the bathroom floor near an empty three ounce vial of Lysol.  According to authorities, a newspaper clipping announcing a suit filed by her husband was found among her effects.

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