Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Harry Rush Raver -- Killed by a Gentleman

A leading film distributor in the teens, Raver was among the first to hold press previews for films.  In 1914, he previewed the Italian film Cabiria in the Gold Room of New York City's Astor Hotel.  Crippled by arthritis, Raver retired from show business and operated an antiques store before going blind.  On September 5, 1941, a burglar broke into the 62-year-old man's home at 1366 N. St. Andrews Place in Los Angeles.  Ignoring Raver's pleas not to hurt him because he was blind, the robber took $39 and beat him severely.  "If I verify the fact you are blind," Raver quoted the bandit, "I'll send your money back."  Raver died of his injuries on September 14, 1941.  A nightclub entertainer appearing before a Coroner's jury stated that for the last year or so Raver wrote the scripts for Busy Blind, a radio program featuring sightless talent.

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