Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Robert Love -- "I'm Brave, I'm Brave"
Known as a set designer under his real name, Abraham Levine, Love, 34, was a bit player in several films including the 1938 Norman Foster vehicle I Cover Chinatown in which he played an unnamed cop.  According to his roommate, Daniel Harris, Love had been brooding for days over the suicide of actress Carole Landis, whom he had never met.  On the morning of July 8, 1948, Harris entered the kitchen of the home he shared with Love at 1737 North Whitley Avenue in Los Angeles to find his roommate standing with his head over an open gas jet.  When Harris turned off the gas, Love displayed a razor blade and, pointing to a minor cut on his neck, said:  "This was too painful--I couldn't do it that way."  Later that day, Harris took love to visit a doctor with an office on the third floor of the Guaranty Building in downtown Hollywood.  While waiting, Love suddenly jumped up (cutting his finger on a piece of overturned furniture) then ran up two flights of stairs to the fifth floor office of another doctor.  According to the receptionist there, the actor muttered, "I'm brave, I'm brave.  I can stand it," as he pushed through the crowded waiting room and dove through a half-opened window facing Ivar Street just off Hollywood Boulevard.

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