Friday, November 1, 2013

Kitty Melrose -- Soon Forgotten

Adelphi Theatre
Kitty Melrose (real name Agnes Butterfield) last appeared onstage in The Quaker Girl during the early teens at the Adelphi Theatre in London.  On June 13, 1912, the actress (age unknown) was found dead lying on her back with her head in a gas oven in her flat in St. Stephen's mansions, Smith-square, Westminster.  Three months earlier, she had attempted to take her life with an overdose of veronal.  Brought to self-destruction by her former lover's refusal to go against his family and marry her, Melrose left the man two letters.  In one she wrote:  "Eddie, my dear one, I cannot bear any more, and everyone has told me you won't, and have done with me.  I am heartbroken, and cannot bear any more. Please forgive me, but I know as you do not love me, you will soon forget me.  All my love, and good luck to you.  Your Kit."  And in a postscript:  "It was wrong for every one to keep you from me.  It has made it too impossible.  I cannot fight alone, but I did believe in you, and did not think you would fail me.  But God's will.  I know you thought you were doing right. -- K."  In the other:  "Eddie -- By leaving me alone you thought you were doing right, but it was all wrong and cruel.  God forgive you, as I hope he will forgive me. -- Kit."

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