Monday, December 23, 2013

Jeanette Lafferty -- HE Took Her Off

Minutes after dropping her boyfriend off to meet a train at the Thirtieth Street Station in Philadelphia on August 14, 1950, the 24-year-old singer paid her toll at the Camden, New Jersey, bridge, drove 20 feet from the booth, and parking amidst bridge traffic, pressed the muzzle of a .22-caliber rifle against her left temple and pulled the trigger.  Lafferty, an elementary school teacher in Woodbury, New Jersey, died in Cooper Hospital three and a half hours later.  In the bloodstained car, authorities found five suitcases filled with clothes, and postcard sized photographic cards advertising the "Lafferty Sisters," Jeanette and her sister Beulah who, with a ventriloquist's dummy described as the "third member of the family," entertained on local radio and in private "Temperance Engagements Only."  A note found in her handbag read:  "I'm done living.  God put me on earth.  He is taking me off because I've failed miserably."

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