Wednesday, December 4, 2013

John W. Fletcher -- The Seer Sucker

In 1912 the well-known palmist moved into a luxurious fourth floor suite in Boston's Hotel Pelham at 74 Boylston Street after a crusade against the practice drove him from New York City.  Fletcher, 60, conducted discreet readings there until early 1913 when authorities received a rash of complaints from several young men who accused the seer of attacking them.  An undercover officer managed to secure enough incriminating evidence to have an assault warrant issued against the palmist.  On April 22, 1913, police served the warrant in Fletcher's suite.  According to published reports, Fletcher turned white, moved hesitatingly towards a telephone, but instead of placing a call removed poison from the pocket of his vest and swallowed it.  Seconds later he staggered across the room and fell unconscious to the floor.  Fletcher died two hours later.

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