Friday, September 26, 2014

Adolph DeBerg -- Meet Judge Conscience

DeBerg, who claimed to be a film director and misrepresented himself as a field man for Universal Film Corporation, was in the lower California town of Calexico to supposedly begin shooting a Spanish talking picture titled Virgin Gold.  When the film fell through, he was subsequently wanted by police for passing two bad checks totaling $100.  On August 4, 1930, the body of the "director" was found beside a shock of hay in a small pasture in Calexico, the victim of a fatal dose of self-administered ant paste.  A note found on his body read:  "I've studied myself all over, and I'm nothing but an unmitigated scoundrel.  I've given myself a final trial and Judge Conscience, who is right always, has decreed the sentence of death.  I'm going to the movies again and then I'll end everything."  In an added postscript to the note, DeBerg concluded:  "The picture is over, and the lights are out for me."

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