Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Kyle McKenna -- The Bottom

 In a career lasting from 1997 to 2000, the gay porn star (real name Russell Charles McCoy) worked for every major company in the adult film industry including Centaur Films, Hot House Entertainment, Studio 2000, and Hollywood Sales.  A fan favorite, McKenna was chosen as the "Best Bottom" in 1997, and the "Hottest Ass" in 1998.  McKenna's films include Invaders from Uranus, Das Butt, Ranger in the Wild, and Whatever You Say, Sir!  Quiet and reclusive on the set, the 31-year-old performer broke up with his boyfriend in late 1999, and was struggling with bouts of depression.  On February 16, 2000, McKenna packed up his belongings in a trash bag and left them outside the house he was sharing with friends in Salt Lake City, Utah.  After writing a suicide note he took a lethal dose of sleeping pills.  In accordance with his last wishes, McKenna's body was cremated and the ashes scattered in the desert.

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