Thursday, September 11, 2014

Vivivan LaGrange -- The Determined Poser

A poser in the vaudeville production Patterson's Bronze Artists, the attractive 25 year old had caused a minor sensation in Butte, Montana, when the showed played at the Family Theatre during the week of November 16, 1908.  After traveling with the show to Spokane, Seattle, and Vancouver, LaGrange returned alone to Butte and registered at the Northern Hotel on Front Street on February 15, 1909.  Seemingly depressed over a broken love affair, LaGrange swallowed morphine two days later.  She was discovered, and over her objections, nursed back to health.  Less than a week after being given a clean bill of health, the actress downed a large quantity of bichloride of mercury in her hotel room on February 21, 1909.  She lingered for six days before dying at Butte's General Hospital.

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